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Already Have Elementary Music Classes At School? Benefits Of Adding Music Rhapsody

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Parents & Students

Why Add Music Rhapsody Classes?

You might be wondering why add Music Rhapsody elementary music classes if your child already has music at their elementary school. Here are some reasons why it can be beneficial for your child!

Visit Our Elementary Music Classes Today!

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Learn more about our school year classes below:
Rhythm Readers (Ages 5-7)
Melody Makers (Ages 6-8)
Orff & Recorder I & II (Grades 2 & up)
Orff Ensemble I (Grades 4 & up)
Orff Ensemble II & III (Grades 4 & up)

Looking for summer programs? Click here to see our unlimited summer classes. Also check out our week long summer camp for grades K-8 – experience percussion, singing, dance, flute, recorder, saxophone, piano, musical games, and more!

Our music classes are based on a philosophy called Orff Schulwerk. What’s Orff Schulwerk? Read about it here!

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