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What is a Free Introductory Session?
A Free Introductory Session is a chance to learn more about Simply Music – the amazing piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education and has students of all ages playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces – immediately – from their very first lessons!  We will demonstrate some of the pieces and how the method is taught and talk about the Simply Music method.
Hear the exiting results we achieve using this approach.

Register for Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 5:30pm

Unlimited Summer Piano –  Points and Prizes program! Including Grand Prize for student with the most points.

(July/August) Unlimited Summer Piano Schedule

Earn Your Points by:

  • Attending Lessons (as many as you want in your level!)
  • Performing at special events
  • Planning an at Home recital (alone or with other pianists and musicians)
  • Family Night (August 24, 5:00-700pm) RSVP Here
  • Points for playlist songs

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Piano Play A Story – Ages 5 to 7 with Parent.

A breakthrough piano improvisation program for 5 to 7 year olds, part of the Simply Music family. It introduces real playing to 5 to 7 year olds in a way that compliments their natural sense of exploration and spontaneity.  Skills learned during the Play-A-Story program enable a smooth transition to formal lessons.  Home materials include a story book, CD and DVD to help provide the environment in which your child can explore his musical stories each day. Parent attendance required.

Friday 4:00pm

Class Length:  30 minutes

Play a Story Materials: $35 (siblings may share)


How does it work?

Think of it like the Rosetta Stone of piano lessons. Just like you don’t teach children to read and write before they learn to speak, we feel you don’t have to know to read music in order to make it. Simply Music Piano is a new-age approach to learning piano that has you playing real recognizable songs from the very first lessons.


It’s Personable.

Every person is deeply and profoundly musical, but many people don’t know it.  We encourage creativity.  If you want to play The Beatles, let’s play. If you like to sing, let’s sing. If you want to write your own music, let’s write. You’re on your musicianship path, let us help be your guide.


For children.

There’s scientific evidence that children’s intelligence increases with the addition of music into their lives. Simply Music Piano prepares a student physically and aurally before they are exposed to notation. It’s a more natural way of learning piano using creativity and imagination to make music.  For busy parents looking to connect with their young ones, this method comes with a three pronged support approach.  Don’t worry, we’ll explain how.


For adults.

Designed to suit your personal interests and needs as a musician. We have many supplemental projects including composition, song-writing, arranging, improvisation, etc.. The teachers are simply here to guide you in becoming the specific kind of musician you want to be by providing you with the resources and skills you need in order to develop. Learn the kind of music YOU want to play, don’t worry about scales or middle C— just yet.


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