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Orff With Recorder I & II


Monthly Tuition (4-week) $135

Initial payment includes registration fee & required materials. Students with Piano option – please call Music Rhapsody office at 310-376-8646 for piano schedule. Returning students must have been enrolled in the most recent school year and/or summer.


Orff Percussion & Recorder Level I & II – Grade 2 and up without Parent 

Music Rhapsody | 1603 Aviation Boulevard Redondo Beach, California  90278 | (310) 376-8646

Space limited, enroll today! 

Class length:  50 minutes.

For every high-focused, skill-based instrument activity in our Orff percussion & recorder classes, there is a fast paced and fun movement, dance, or improvisational activity to keep our imaginations and creative engines running at all times! While continuing to build on the skills already acquired in the previous classes, this class requires recorder practice time between lessons. Orff percussion instruments are also used along with movement and dance. More benefits: Lays a solid foundation for musical aptitude, concentration, and self-confidence. The recorder lessons provide an excellent foundation for any musical pursuit – this class is a great addition to our Simply Music Piano lessons! Already taken our Orff with Recorder I & II classes? Check out our Orff & Recorder Ensemble!

4-Week Tuition: $135 plus one-time registration fee of $20 (returning student one-time registration fee $10)

Materials: $35 materials fee

Why Group Classes and Ensemble?

FOCUS – playing your own part while integrated with other parts

Part of something BIG – Harmony, 4-part rounds, movement, singing, body percussion, assorted xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels! 5 sizes of recorders playing 5 different parts with different rhythms and other valuable, exciting, stimulating brain exercises!

Cooperation – Working it out with others, decision making, compromising on who will play what parts, making up new lyrics, improvisations, compositions, the form of the piece.

Listening – staying in tune with others, blending, balance, sensitive to when others have the solos, the lead, implementing expressive qualities as a team.

Organizational Skills – Planning and responsibility to the group to have all your materials, music in order with notes; working diligently to master your individual parts.

Expressive Qualities – Such powerful team work to achieve the goals!

FUN! – Music making with others is FUN!

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