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Discover Music Rhapsody Teacher Training, Workshops & Memberships

Music Rhapsody helps teachers truly engage and challenge students, for a whole new level of success. We provide professional development for individual teachers, studios, and school districts, and memberships to access our curriculum for early childhood, preschool music, and elementary music. Questions or unsure of where to start? Schedule a free consultation!

Attend A Live Or Zoom Workshop

Professional development and in-service workshops are scheduled for schools worldwide.  School districts, education organizations and studios can schedule for their specific staff only. 

Bring Music Rhapsody To Your Studio

The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner, is now available to easily implement into YOUR studio program!

Jam-packed with content-driven and high-quality materials

5 stars

Lynn’s workshop was jam-packed with content-driven and high-quality materials taught with a playful structure that incorporated stories, songs, instruments, movement, and fun little teaching props. I realized that so much of those activities were what my Pre-K kids needed from me and not the activities that I’d been offering them. 

Katie Traxler
President, New York Orff Chapter

It was better than Disneyland!

Thanks for making my dreams come true! I LOOOVED your training. You are so amazing and it was such a privilege to study with such a pioneer in the early childhood music field.

Elizabeth Nuti

I would highly recommend this to all Dance and Music Studios.

5 stars

I am overwhelmed by this incredible program. I would highly recommend this to all Dance and Music Studios. Do everything you can to get a teacher to one of Lynn’s summer training. Or at least do online teacher training. The program is so well laid out, with detailed lesson plans and a fantastic video of every single activity, including all the recordings, 40 weeks for all 5 age levels.

Diane Gwynn McWhorter
Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance, Florida

Thank you, Lynn, for helping me to discover things about my teaching and about young children that have changed the game for me

5 stars

I have been incredibly overjoyed at the success and happiness of both my PreK music-makers and me! I love when those little ones walk through the door now, and gone are those apprehensive feelings of failure I was feeling before. 

Orff Teacher

Can’t wait to get it started in my studio!!!

Lynn Kleiner is an amazing teacher and this program is rich with easy to learn songs, movement-repetition with variety!! Can’t wait to get it started in my studio!!!

Kristen Fairfield

I would highly recommend this online course; I was able to learn on my own schedule

5 stars

The training has more than met my expectations; it is very interactive, engaging and entertaining at the same time. Lynn’s energy and professionalism are definitely something to learn from. I find this training course to be very practical – both personally and professionally. The material learned could be applied not only for teaching purposes but in various other ways as well. 

Irene Pilve


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