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Experience The Most



Summer Ever.

Spring Concert Dates

Recorder I & II and Ensemble
Tue, June 6th at 7pm

Young Musicians through Melody Makers
Sat, June 10th at 12:30pm

Babies/Tots through Big Kids
Thurs, June 15th at 5:30pm

Experience The Most
Inspiring, Uptempo, Melodious
Rhythmic, Exhilarating
Summer Ever.

Spring Concert Dates

Recorder I & II and Ensemble
Tue, June 6 at 7pm

Young Musicians – Melody Makers
Sat, June 10 at 12:30pm

Babies/Tots – Big Kids
Thurs, June 15 at 5:30pm

Music is an integral part of life, and everyone has the ability to acquire and retain music as a lifelong companion.

The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner, addresses each age and stage of childhood development. Our music classes meet your child exactly where he or she is. Beautiful and diverse songs, singable phrases, and the use of repetition, instruments, puppets, and visuals all foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment. It’s a program that, to its core, acknowledges and values the input and creativity of each and every child.

TEACHERS & Educators

Music Rhapsody helps teachers truly engage and challenge students for a whole new level of success. Become a Music Rhapsody member once you have completed our Music Rhapsody Teacher Training and get access to tons of resources!

Students & Parents

Music Rhapsody classes are fun-filled and inspiring. Our comprehensive and continuous schedule of music classes offers something unique and musically educational for every age group, from babies to adults. See our class schedule – come in for a complimentary trial class or sign up today!


Music Rhapsody offers weekly lessons at your school in LA & Orange County, musical events, field trips, and weekly professional development for music teachers throughout the country and abroad. We also provide music to homeschool programs – we’d love to work with you!


Visit our shop for great resources – instruments & instrument kits, books, CDs, lesson plans, & more! 

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