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Jingle All The Way With These Bell Songs

Jingle All The Way With These Bell Songs

Bells, bells, bells! All kids love bells. Shaking, dancing, and twirling with a bell in hand fills all kids with joy and giggles! Did you know that this shaking, dancing, and twirling helps your child develop their hand eye coordination and gross motor skills? These skills are super important and help them throughout their lives in sports and school alike. You can help your child by tapping the beat on their body or by shaking your own bell with the steady beat while listening to our favorite bell songs!


Our Favorite Bell Songs


Check out some of our favorite bell shaking songs! These can be used year round but are perfect for the holidays! Your kids can even practice for a performance for the holidays. Be sure to record it so you have memories for years to come!



After years of rigorous testing with Remo, Lynn now sells some of the safest bells for children of any ages. For children 2 and younger we recommend the Kids Make Music Baby Bell Rattle. For children 3 and older we recommend the Kids Make Music Bell Belt.

Here are our wonderful students last year at the 2019 Holiday Open House performance shaking their bells!


Holiday Open House Week 2020 – December 12-18th

This year’s Holiday Open House will be a week long to allow for social distancing and will be held outdoors in the Music Rhapsody parking lot! Click here to view the Holiday Open House schedule of performances.


5 Favorite Musical Holiday Gifts For Children

5 Favorite Musical Holiday Gifts For Children

Do you have a child in your life who loves music? Look no further! Here are our top 5 favorite holiday gifts for children who are music lovers.

1. Instrument Kits

Fill your child’s holidays with never ending fun! Our instrument kits are all high quality, rigorously safety tested, age appropriate instruments that coincide with your child’s developmental needs. The kits are color coded for each age group. Click here for details.










2. Ukulele & Beginner Book

Know someone who wants to learn the Ukulele? This is the perfect place to start! Diamond Head features high-quality ukuleles, bringing the joys of making music to everyone!  Available in a rainbow of colors, including mahogany with a matching gig bag.











Once you have the instrument make sure you get a great book to start learning right away. We recommend The Daily Ukulele Book! Strum a different song every day with easy arrangements of 365 of your favorite songs in one big songbook. All arrangements feature melody, lyrics and ukulele chord grids in uke-friendly keys, perfect for groups of one or one hundred. Includes hits by The Beatles, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan, folk songs, kids’ songs, pop songs, Christmas carols, Broadway, and Hollywood tunes. So much fun!!


3. Glockenspiel












The Kids Make Music Glockenspiel is part of a series of percussion instruments designed by Lynn Kleiner with world renowned percussion brand Remo especially for kids. It produces a sweet, bright tone that is accurately pitched with a one octave diatonic range from C to C. Because of this the sound of your children practicing will be bright and cheery! Kids love the cheerful color patterns and letter names featured on each individual key. Parents love the safe, kid-friendly, rounded edges and removable bars.


4. Floor Tom

This fun drum is the perfect instrument for young children – it’s part of the series of percussion instruments designed by Lynn Kleiner with world renowned percussion brand Remo. The mallets are easy to use and the tone is pleasant to your ear. This instrument will help your child with coordination, timing, and fine motor skills. Its compact design makes it easy to use as a mini gathering drum for friends to join in.











5. Finger Puppets
















Our adorable puppets make wonderful holiday gifts! Full size and finger puppets from butterflies to chipmunks we are sure you will find a puppet your child will love! For little fingers and hands, we recommend our finger puppets! Kids will have hours o fun If you love the puppets too be sure to check out the full size which fits an adult hand!















If you are interested in signing your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or friend up for music classes – get them a gift certificate! Let them choose which instrument will work best for their family and which classes work best as well. We offer classes remotely, in person, and privately.

Sally The Astronaut Helps With Speech, Timing & More!

Sally The Astronaut Helps With Speech, Timing & More!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s SALLY!

This sweet activity will have your kids coming back for more fun with Sally over and over again. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for some adorable printable color sheets to help this song come to life!



“Sally Go Round the Sun” Is A Great Song For All Ages

Below is an example of how you can use this song to help your child develop speech, timing, and coordination. Giving space at the end of a phrase for your child to complete the lyrics/melody is one of the first ways a child will participate in singing starting from infancy.    

For the A sectionHave your child complete the phrase “Sally go round the….” With “Sun” and continue with “Sally go round the…” “Moon.” Then sing “Sally go round the chimney top every afternoon, Boom!” together. 

For the B section – Tap the beat on a drum and sing words of the B section: “cows in the meadow…”

Here is another example of how you can implement this song into play time with instruments. The foundation is the steady beat. Tap on your child and move with your child so they feel the beat. Movement to the beat improves timing and coordination needed for music, dance, and sports.

For the A section  hands move in a circular motion on the drum. 

For the B section – keep the steady beat, parents tap on their child’s back. 

When we say “Up,” our movement and voice will be a demonstration of the language. Raise child’s arms on “Up” and lower when saying “Boom!.”

The foundation is the steady beat. Tap on your child, move with your child so they feel the beat. Movement to the beat improves timing and coordination needed for music, dance and sports.

This fun song is not complete without the Sally Go Round The Sun Coloring Pages! These visuals will help bring Sally to life for your child. Click below to print them for hours of fun with Sally!


Get your free printable Sally Go Round The Sun coloring pages here in the Parent Resource Library!

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