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Invigorating. Inspiring. Energizing.

Music Rhapsody helps teachers truly engage and challenge students, for a whole new level of success.

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  • News, insights teaching tips & ideas every week
  • Access to Lynn’s blog and selected videos

Lynn Kleiner's Music Box


  • Includes newsletter & Lynn’s blog
  • Tons of FREE Downloadable Teacher Resources
  • FREE Video Tutorials
  • Discounted Workshops
  • 25% Off Lesson Packs
  • 10-25% Off Lynn’s CDs, the Gathering Drum & Lynn’s Line of REMO Instruments, Books, Felts & Props
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  • Online Support From Lynn & Her Team

Full Music Rhapsody Membership


Annual pricing also available at $275/yr.

*must also be enrolled in or have completed teacher training

  • Includes Everything In Music Box Plus:
  • ALL Lesson Plan Modules – all sequential curriculum you need for a school year in all early childhood & elementary age groups: lesson plans, recordings, videos, songs, activities.
  • FREE Workshops
  • Access to Members Only Store – exclusive CDs & instrument kits
  • 24/7 Access to All Online Teacher Training Materials
  • Special offers in Lynn’s MR Members Only Emails
  • Eligibility for Music Rhapsody endorsement

BEST VALUE: Membership & Online Training Package

$25/mo, $299 online training special 

Annual membership pricing also available at $275/yr + $299 online training.

  • Includes Full Music Rhapsody Membership
  • Complete Online Training

Have questions about memberships? Schedule a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help. You can also view the FAQ at the bottom of the page. School districts with multiple teachers contact us for special pricing.

If This Sounds Like You, You’ll Like Our Music Box Membership!

  • You’re a do-it-yourselfer
  • You’ve already designed most of your curriculum
  • You’re looking for supplemental resources like visuals, recordings, stories with music, etc
  • You want to put together lesson plans with a specific theme (farm, sea, mountain, holiday, etc)
  • You’ve been teaching music for awhile and would like some new and fun inspiration

If This Sounds Like You, You’ll Like Our Full Music Rhapsody Membership!

  • There just isn’t enough time in a day
  • You’re always working on never ending lesson plans
  • You’re a new teacher
  • You need a structured yet malleable curriculum laid out for you, ready to go
  • You’re lacking lesson plans for particular age groups
  • You’ve been teaching music for awhile and want some new and fun inspiration

Memberships FAQ

Do I need to complete teacher training in order to become a full Music Rhapsody member?

You must either be enrolled in or have completed our teacher training course (either live or online) in order to become a full Music Rhapsody member. We have a package deal that combines online training and membership.

Do I need to complete teacher training in order to become a Music Box member?

No, you do not need to enroll in or complete our teacher training course in order to become a Music Box member.

Will I still have access to the online training materials after I become a full Music Rhapsody member?

Yes, your online training materials will always be available for you to go back and reference as long as you have Music Rhapsody Membership.

Can I download the Music Rhapsody curriculum and resources from Music Box?

Music Rhapsody Membership is a license that authorizes you to use Music Rhapsody Curriculum materials. You are able to download lesson plans and music to use in your teaching. You may use these materials as long as you maintain current Music Rhapsody Membership status. If you are a Music Box member, you may use the materials you download from Music Box as long as you maintain membership to Music Box.

Do I have to follow everything in the curriculum exactly as it is written?

No! While Lynn has created the scaffolding to build your student’s musicality and musical knowledge through her lesson plans (the wheel has been made for you), she understands that every class and every student is different. There are many benefits to following the Music Rhapsody curriculum but if you feel the need to accommodate or modify an activity, we encourage you to do so! And of course, if you have activities already that you love, incorporate those as well!

How do I become an officially endorsed Music Rhapsody teacher?

You may apply for your studio to be reviewed as an officially endorsed MR location. You do NOT need to be an endorsed MR teacher to be a Music Rhapsody member and teach with our materials, but it can be beneficial to your business to have this credential.

• You must complete the MR online or live teacher training course first to become officially endorsed.

• “Officially endorsed MR teachers” must follow the sequenced course of the MR curriculum, purchase the appropriate instrument kits, puppets, teaching materials, and gathering drum, and teach the MR lessons exactly as they were designed. You will need to send us a recorded video as proof of this.

• Once becoming officially endorsed, you’ll be able to use the Music Rhapsody name.

I have more questions. How do I schedule a free consultation?

We’ll be happy to answer your questions! Schedule a free consultation here.

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