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Young Musicians Instrument Kit


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The Young Musicians Make Music Kit is sure to ignite a love of music in the life of a child. For ages 3 – 8, this package comes with a Hand Drum and rainbow mallet, Tone Block with wooden mallet, Finger Cymbals, Shaker Egg and Scarf. Young Musicians Make Music Instruments were developed in conjunction with REMO.

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Yellow-Trimmed backpack contains:

    • Young Musicians Instrument Kit with or without DVD


  • Finger Cymbals: These smooth, finger cymbals are safe enough for babies yet have the sound that professionals want! The handles can’t pull out!
  • Guiro Tone Block: With mallet, this thick tone block is made of selected hardwood with a natural finish. Scratch the ribs or strike with mallet for two completely different sounds kids will love.
  • Shaker Egg: Perfect for little hands, this easy to hold shaker produces a crisp, rhythmic sound. A little heavier than most shaker eggs, one reason why it’s the best!
  • Colorful Scarf: Great for creative movement and dance sure to bring smiles to all ages! See through fabric makes this especially fun for young children!
  • Lynn Kleiner Hand Drum by REMO: With rainbow mallet, this high-quality durable drum makes it possible to create all kinds of sounds! This is no toy but a first class instrument! Kids love the look and sound of this shiny unique drum.
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