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Includes the Digital Training Handbook.

(Those who have completed online training may attend live summer training for half price)

Graduates are eligible for Music Rhapsody Membership

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The full Music Rhapsody Teacher Training Program is designed to have teachers take students from birth through age eight through a purposeful, beautifully designed early-childhood and elementary music program, which prepares children for future music lessons and specifically, Simply Music playing-based piano lessons.

For a minimal financial investment, educators in any teaching situation can take full advantage of the tens of thousands of hours of research and development and the many years of practical application that have been instrumental in cultivating this unique, relevant and powerful early-childhood/elementary music program – from the comfort of their own home!

Our Live Training only takes place periodically throughout the year in a variety of locations, however our “Online Training” is available at any time. The Music Rhapsody Online Training Program (Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Big Kids, Young Musicians, Rhythm Readers, Melody Makers and Recorder Rookies: Age 0 – 8) is based around self-instructional materials and provides teachers with all they need to successfully teach early childhood music education. Those who elect the online training process will be provided with access to videos of Lynn’s complete Live Training, along with supplemental videos/materials like ukulele tutorials, sopranino recorder lessons, full videos from Lynn’s real-life classes, complete lesson plans and more.

A preliminary online interview will determine readiness for the Online training, and upon the completion of the training, a series of follow-up mentoring sessions are provided. Teachers who successfully complete the Teacher Training Program and activate membership are given access to simple, concise, and easy to follow lesson plans, videos of entire live classes as well as videos of each activity for every age group. Music Rhapsody Teachers are also given all of the audio recordings for each of the age groups in playlist format.


Online Teacher Training Procedures:

  • Once you are registered and have your training materials, we will schedule your introductory online meeting with Lynn or a member of her Music Rhapsody team. Just because you’re training from home, doesn’t mean that you won’t have any human contact! Our staff will be with you on your journey, and there to answer any questions you have along the way. During our first meeting, we’ll do a bit of singing, pitch matching, beat keeping and touch on skills that will be important for you to an expert in the field. Choose a song you’d like to sing (such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace, Silent Night, Somebody’s Knocking on My Door, or Let it Be), and we will jump start your training goals.
  • Once the Online Training is completed, typically within two months of our initial online meeting, an exit online interview (your graduation party!!) will determine successful fulfillment of the Online Training Program requirements. After this meeting you will also receive your certificate of graduation to share with your students, schools, family and friends!
  • Teachers who have completed the online training are now eligible for Music Rhapsody membership. For only $25 per month, you will have immediate access to 50 detailed lesson plans (10 lessons in 5 age groups), hundreds of recordings, videos of Lynn teaching the lessons to her classes, the music for songs, lyric sheets and more! (Additional plans can be purchased, up to 40 lessons for 8 age levels, available only to Music Rhapsody members, infants – grade 3
  • If you are interested in becoming a licensed and endorsed Music Rhapsody studio, just provide a video representation of your ability to lead group lessons following the Music Rhapsody lesson plans.

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