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Materials for Teacher Trainings


Materials for Teacher Trainings


Required and recommended materials for Teacher Trainings.  Discounts of 10-25% are included and available for registered teachers only.

Indicate in notes if you’d like to pick up at training and shipping charges will be refunded.  (Gathering drum excluded.)


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Welcome to Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training!


This training is from an Orff approach! Participation in singing, moving, playing and creating is required for success (and lots more fun!)


Having the following items available during the training would be ideal but do not stress if there’s something you are unable to obtain! However, please try to figure out a creative substitute! 🙂


List of Props and Instruments:


A teacher training discount of 10%-25% is included on the following items when added to your Cart (See product dropdown at the top of this page next to Teacher Materials).


Gathering Drum – It's okay if you don’t have access to one of these. Your version can be a table, a large hand drum, your desk, a floor tom, a basket. You will learn how to use this incredible instrument at the training - teachers registered for training receive 25% off!






Soprano AND Sopranino Recorder - Why both? The Sopranino will be a useful tool in teaching for you. The soprano is the size we teach to the children. You need both sizes, soprano and sopranino.










Ukulele Concert size is best, Soprano size will work too

Ukulele Tuner (there are apps or one that clips to your instrument)


Kohala Concert Ukulele








Small Percussion- Shaker, Rhythm Sticks (one ribbed, one smooth), Jingle Bells, Tambourine, Hand Drum, Triangle, Ribbed Tone Block, Finger Cymbals (At least one metal, wood, skin, shaker) These come in our instrument kits - Click here for kit descriptions for each age group.






Orff Instruments- At least one, such as Music Rhapsody’s Colored Glockenspiel, but if you can get a xylophone, metallophone and glockenspiel, that’s even more fun and participation!





Use code TTPUPPETSCARF to get 10% off the following items in the Shop:

Scarf or Scarves- for movement activities

Your Own Demo Baby/Tot – This can be a puppet, stuffed animal, doll, etc. Our larger puppets work well and are used in lots of lessons: Consider: Fluffy Cat, Funny Frog, Pig, Large Sheep.


Lynn Kleiner Book Special -  Receive seven books including 8 CDs, save 10%!

Lynn Kleiner Book Special

Kids Make Music, Babies Music Too! Book &  (2) CDs

In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music Book & CD Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! Book & CD Jungle Beat Book & CD Songs of the Sea Book & CD Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic Book & CD My Trip to the Mountain Book & CD

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