Online Teacher Training

Train with Lynn in your pajamas with Online Training!

Who Should Attend Online Music Training?

Teachers working in:
Transitional & Pre-Kindergarten classes • Elementary Schools to grade 4 • Church Programs and Children’s Choirs • Music Therapy and Children with Special Needs • Retired teachers who want to stay young by teaching part-time or even sharing these musical values with a grandchild.

Lynn Kleiner’s professional development course for classroom and music teachers will give you the creativity, energy and inspiration to become a master at teaching early childhood and elementary music from a playful Orff approach.

You’ll fall in love with your job – everyday.

What You’ll Learn


Discover the How’s and Why’s of using pitched and unpitched Orff/percussion instruments, and what’s best for each stage of a child’s development.


Along with parachutes, scarves, props, felts, and visuals – learn how colorful fun and imaginative props increase participation and learning.


Matching pitch, singing in tune, With and without others. A sequence of activities for success, how to make solo singing fun for the whole class not just the soloist.


Find out how they enhance musicality and creativity. Children love them, parents love them and you will too!


This easy and portable little instrument makes the classroom a happier place for the teacher, for the students, and for the parents.


Use songs and playful signals to make the classroom experience as musical and magical as possible with less talk and more play!


The list of activities and benefits of this special instrument are as big as the gigantic drum itself. Made by REMO, this quality instrument sounds as good as it looks and is built to last.


Sopranino Recorder for you, soprano recorder for your students. Don’t think you can play recorder? It’s E-C!


There are songs, rhymes, dances and stories for every weather, theme, tonality and age group. More than enough to make music all year long!

A Peek Into Training

Music Rhapsody is a beautiful blend of the Orff approach to music education and Music Rhapsody’s original content. Watch this video to see Lynn Kleiner and live teacher trainees explore the various ways to teach and explore the song “Sally Go Round the Sun.” The multi-sensory approach teaches an understanding of musical components including form, steady beat, coordination and discriminatory listening.

This video, and all of the videos from Live Training, are available for Online Trainees to view — or you can always come and experience the fun in person!


Teacher Training Materials

  • Detailed Training Handbook with over 90 pages of instruction
  • A complete lesson plan for each of the 8 age groups covered in training
  • Corresponding videos for the lesson plans, taught by Lynn Kleiner
  • Lyric sheets and musical notation of songs from sample lessons in each age group
  • Sample Lesson-at-a-Glance classroom aid
  • Supporting documents, including:
  • Teaching Early Childhood & Elementary Music Education
  • How to Introduce Orff Instruments and Use Them Successfully
  • Classroom Policies
  • Classroom Set Up
  • Coaching conversations
  • Video lessons for playing instruments used by the teacher (Ukulele, Sopranino Recorder)
  • Quick Quizzes to make sure you have grasped the important points
  • Once training (live or online) has been completed, you will receive your official Certificate and you are eligible for Music Rhapsody Membership and live training for half tuition.

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