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Music Box Membership


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Music Box Membership offers a community for teachers who love learning. We take an active Music Making, Orff approach to enrich the lives of our students and their families. Using creativity to inspire growth.

We are teachers passionate about making learning an engaging experience. In Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box, we challenge ourselves to be better for our students!

What is it?

It’s a community of Early Childhood and Elementary Music Teachers. Membership gives access to content and connects passionate teachers, just like you! With new content added weekly.

What’s Inside Music Box Membership?

Free Content and Resources

• Hundreds of Free Downloads including Songs, Orff Arrangements, Accompaniments, Articles, Special Lessons, and Stories with Music
• Music Downloads of Lynn’s recordings only available to Music Box Members
• Conversations with Lynn including guides, tips, suggestions, questions answered by Lynn. Request what goes in the box!
• Connect with fellow music teachers
• Videos including Tutorials, Concerts, Classroom Lessons, FULL Workshops by Lynn
• Teacher Visuals to use as teaching aids for lessons and songs
• 10%-25% off Music Rhapsody’s online store
• Save $44 on Lynn Kleiner’s Book/CD Special Pack

Extensive Curriculum for Purchase

• Weekly Lesson Plans for Orff teaching from toddlers to 6 years
• Weekly Lesson Plans based on themes like Spring, Love, the Sea, holidays and more
• Lesson Plans for when you need to save your voice
• Weekly Lesson Plans for Toddlers, Preschool, Elementary
• Recorder Course Lesson Plans an active, creative and entertaining approach to teaching beginning Recorder. Success for students and fun for you!
• Concert Plans everything a teacher needs to plan and execute a concert for young children and elementary grades!
• Downloads for Purchase including Accompaniments, Individual Lessons, Stories with Music, Songs
• Entire Albums available for purchase, look for all of Music Rhapsody music on Music Box!

Inspired by and built for teachers.

Every time you open the Box, there’s a new surprise. It’s meant to be a living, breathing, evolving resource, based on what teachers actually want.

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