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Apple Tree, A Sweet Song That’s So Appealing!

Apple Tree, A Sweet Song That’s So Appealing!

Apple Tree! Who could guess how much this song motivates children to participate!

Apples come in many colors and varieties. There are hundreds of recipes calling for apples. There’s several ways to cut apples, and ways to eat them!

The Apple Tree* is an absolutely delicious song for many age levels! It offers creative choices for verses, solos, writing rhythms, solfege, improvisation, additional sections to add to the form of the piece!

Of course, all of this comes from the student’s ideas so its totally fun for the teacher too! The book and recording Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic include a couple verses but I have had so much fun encouraging new verses, new topics for singing little solos, adding new sections.

Have a listen to students singing and accompanying on Orff instruments.


For example, what happens when we sing

What color apples will you buy? (youngest students) “What kind of apples will you buy? (older students) Print or use the PowerPoint Visuals in Music Box Downloads to inspire a variety of colors for solo singing.

What apple pairing will you try?  Use the Pairing Visual in Music Box Downloads to give suggestions but encourage children to make up their own pairings.

What kind of recipe will you try? The song sings about Apple Pudding and Apple Pie but how about

apple fritters,

apple cider

apple muffins

apple crisp

apple cobbler

apple chips

apple strudel

apple sauce

This song is from the book/CD Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic! And is in the Rhythm Readers and Melody Makers lesson plans. The song is also a favorite in our Farm Songs Concert Plans.

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