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Food, Baking, Kitchen Theme for Fall, Winter Holiday Music Making

Food, Baking, Kitchen Theme for Fall, Winter Holiday Music Making

A Baking/Cooking Theme for Musical Holiday Food lessons!

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Bake Some Pies! Check out Music Box Downloads (search or go to the Songs Category) for Pumpkin Pie

What are you baking? Sing or Chant this rhyme, the soloist will let us know what’s in the oven!

 1, 2, 3, 4    Play on the beat for the numbers

Coming through the Kitchen Door Play the rhythm of the words

5, 6, 7, 8    Play on the beat for the numbers

Making (bisquits, turkey, muffins, gravy), I can’t wait!  Play the rhythm of the words.

How many people are you feeding?  How many sausages should we make? (Rhymes for rhythm sticks.)

Lets make two! Tap rhythm sticks while counting “1, 2

Two little sausages, frying in a pan Quickly rub the smooth stick over the ribbed stick

One went pop   Tap the smooth stick on the ribbed stick when you say “pop”

And one went bam!  Hit both sticks on the floor

But what if you need four? Tap rhythm sticks while counting 1, 2, 3, 4

Four little sausages, frying in a pan, two went pop and two went bam!

But what if you need six? Tap rhythm sticks while counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Six little sausages, frying in a pan, three went pop and three went bam!

Eight little sausages….etc.

Give students a math challenge….How many are coming for dinner at your house? How many pop? How many bam?

Popcorn, popcorn, put it in a pan Tap sticks 8 times to the beat

Shake it up, shake it up Quickly rub the smooth stick over the ribbed stick

Bam bam bam! Hit both sticks on the floor on each “Bam”

The Bakery Truck  (From Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too! and Rhythm Readers Lessons and See Music Box Downloads for free visuals and lesson videos. See Lynn’s Youtube Channel for videos of the lesson with students.

Holiday Time must include My Musical Gingerbread Man! Get the free lesson in Music Box Downloads or find the recording and lesson in the book In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music.

Check out the adorable Gingerbread Boy felt set!

Peanut Butter Jelly (great for Orff, solo singing, echos) (From the book/CD My Trip to the Mountains Book/CD),

Apple Tree from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic and Rhythm Readers and Melody Makers lesson plans. The song refers to two things we can make out of apples. But its a lot of fun having students think of what they want to make from apples! Change the words of the song to what the students want to make. I have heard amazing ideas of what to make from the apples:

Apple Pie, Apple Cobbler, Apple Crisp, Apple Crumble, Applesauce, Apple Butter, Apple Fritters, Candy     Apples, Apple Pizza, Apple Pancakes, Apple Stuffing, Apple Sausage, Apple Stuffing…..

And for more student decisions, students need to decide (and sing the solos) on what kind of apples and    how many.  Kinds of Apples? So many! Thousands!  Here’s Some: Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, McIntosh,

Also from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic, guess who wants to come to dinner? My special friend, Donnie the Donkey! You know what happens if you don’t feed him!!  Puppets, felts, books with CDS, available at

All Around the Kitchen from lynnkleinersmusicbox and Recorder Rookies lesson plans. Includes “Let’s Spice it Up!” FREE Downloads including the recording in

Check out all the Episodes of Kitchen Music on lynn’s channel,, including the All Around the Kitchen video here.

Bake Some Pies! Check out Music Box FREE Downloads (search or go to the Songs Category) for Pumpkin Pie. includes student hand out, Orff Orchestration, activity ideas.

New Rhythm Readers Visuals Plus November Fun Playlist

New Rhythm Readers Visuals Plus November Fun Playlist

Thank you to all of our dedicated teachers who participated in my 4 Mini Workshops on Wednesday! The workshop recording, workshop notes and resources will be emailed to those who registered. Didn’t register? This will also be available for purchase in the Shop at by Oct. 31.


The NEW PowerPoint Slides are now included with Rhythm Readers Lesson Packs, 1-13, and 14-25! Also included:

  • Activity Videos
  • 2 Page detailed lesson plans
  • Student Hand Outs for each lessons – Remote lesson accessibility
  • REMOTE Zoom feature allows your students to make up their own rhythms
  • Focus on Pitch matching, Active listening lessons
  • Improvisation, Creating and Writing rhythms
  • Movement and a Playful Orff Approach

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Check out this great playlist below of video resources for November fun!

Happy Music Making!

Fun, Easy Songs For Percussion Activities

Fun, Easy Songs For Percussion Activities

Whether its kitchen instruments, Remo drums or Sound Shapes, or assorted percussion, here’s a couple of fun, easy songs that can offer little solo opportunities, splitting the group for specific parts, structured large group playing and exploration/improvisation time.

These are two of many of the activities I used from the Sound Shape Playbook at a recent event. Here’s a peek at Ten Musicians Drumming and Alabama Gal. Find this book in the Weekly Specials section of the Music Rhapsody shop along with other selected items! (Members, use your coupon code to save even more!)

Free to Music Box Members! PowerPoint, music and lesson suggestions for Alabama Gal are in Music Box Downloads. There’s also tips and activity ideas on drum circles. (Not a member? Join now!)


Valentine’s Day lessons are also being featured in Music Box as well as MR Members Module 2 lesson plans.

See you in the Box!

Happy music making,

Drum or Percussion Circles for Kids

Drum or Percussion Circles for Kids

Drum Circles  include “free play” for exploration, improvisation, enjoying the groove! But having structured activities bring a lot of fun and satisfaction to the music making group.

One source that is very helpful is the Sound Shape Playbook.

The activities are quick and easy to add for any type of drums, percussion, homemade instruments, kitchen music, etc.

1 2 Tie My Shoe – leader does one two, circle does words

Repeat with one side doing numbers, other side doing words

Repeat bass tone on numbers, rim tone for words

Play low drums verses high drums


Alabama Gal    This activity is in the Sound Shape Play book, as well as the included CD. The free download in Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box also includes activity suggestions and free PowerPoint for classroom use too.

Ten Musicians Drumming – Play on the numbers  and short solos make this exciting.

They played like this……….they played like that, they played with their friends, they played with their baby, they played in the kitchen, they played in the car, ten musicians drummmmmmming.

Video – During the pandemic, masked families enjoyed an outdoor event!

Listen to another rhythmic favorite from My Trip to the Mountains Book/CD, She’ll be Comin Round the Mtn.

For more on percussion favorites, see Lynn’s resources and training,

Peace Like A River Is Back With New Activities!

Peace Like A River Is Back With New Activities!

Here’s a little love song and dance from me and the Music Rhapsody Teachers!

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, etc…any day is a good day to spread love and happiness!


NEW and IMPROVED! I’ve Got Peace Like a River – a Free Music Box Download that shares activities for all levels of ability. Singing, Movement, Orff, Recorder, Ukulele.


Music Rhapsody Member Reminder! The Members Only Store is where additional lesson plan modules should be purchased. The modules include all recordings, process, activity videos for all 8 age groups.

New at Music Rhapsody: check out the new video for our Note Name Fun Pack – included with member’s modules.

Questions? Just click Ask Lynn in Music Box!


Teachers, thank you! I am so grateful for your support.

Goin on a Bike Ride, Feeling Beat, Hearing Rhythm, Creating Verses

Goin on a Bike Ride, Feeling Beat, Hearing Rhythm, Creating Verses

There is an order, a sequence of types of activities that will bring musical success. In the area of timing and singing, this is especially true if music is introduced at an early age. Goin’ on a Bike Ride is a delightful little activity for feeling the beat, hearing the rhythm and encouraging imaginative participation by easily creating new verses.

Here’s a couple ways we use the song to do this, depending on the ages and the setting of your classes.

Babies and Tots – adults alternate the child’s legs up and down, gently moving as each leg bends at the knew and straightens to the beat, as it would when riding a bike. Use the child’s name, Grandma, mommy, names of pets, puppets, etc, to create new verses of who is going along on the ride!

Preschool/K – Everyone stands in a large circle, holding on to the “Stretchy Band,” alternating hands while making the circular motion as if riding a bike. Teacher or Leader moves around the center, stopping on “who do you see?”  The child sings who’s on the bike ride. (Imagination is welcome here! Ladybug? Dinosaur? Skunk?)

This adorable story book, Duck on a Bike,  is a great way to give the children ideas of who may be riding on a bike!

The song and recording, Going on a Bike Ride is from the book/CD Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!

To introduce the song, you may share this video with your students.

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