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Songs of the Sea Concert Plan (download only)


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Concert plan includes everything a teacher needs to know about planning and executing a concert for young children and early elementary grades. Includes 3 different concert plans (2 using unpitched percussion only, on including Orff instruments) for 3 or 4 separate groups (classes, age, or grade levels) to participate together in an ocean theme concert. Includes: An attractive song sheet for practicing songs in the classroom or to send home, printed program cover, inside program write up, and write up on back of program about the importance of music education. A detailed concert plan for the music director, a concert plan for the classroom and assistant teachers, Orff arrangements for two songs.


Concert Plan by Lynn Kleiner. 2 Orff arrangements included with this lesson plan, all other songs from Songs of the Sea
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Ages 2 – 8
Tip from Lynn:

The children and audience love the “fish echoes” following “Fish in the Ocean” for transitions. Have the children help create some before the concert. The bigger the variety, the more fun. For example, I say “Jelly fish, tuna fish.” The kids echo:”Jelly fish, tuna fish.”

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