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Recorder Rookies 13-25 Lesson Pack (download only) Ages 7-9


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This download includes the third and fourth sets (Lessons 13-25) of our beginning “Recorder Rookies” plans! Our ACTIVE, creative, and sequenced advanced beginner recorder lessons are equally fun for the teacher as the students! Set Four includes:

  • 2 sets of hot and helpful tips and information to give you all you need to be the recorder teaching expert for these lessons!
  • 4 pages of detailed lesson plans for each of the seven 45-55 minute lessons (14 pages you won’t want to be without!).
  • 8 movement activities that are creative and FUN (yes, we dance and move for optimum learning fun and participation!).
  • 14 student handouts, one for each lesson (Easy and colorful, reinforcing the lesson)
  • 12 amusing songs that are not your typical expected advanced beginner recorder songs!
  • 24 or more activities on VIDEO so you can see me with my students
  • 36 pages of teacher visuals and optional Orff orchestrations
  • 100 or more questions…no, not really… but actually, there’s no limit to what you can ask Lynn in Music Box! Just click Forum, click Ask Lynn Questions!

Now included: 100+ PowerPoint Visual Slides









Page Count: 70+ downloadable pages

Age Group: Ages 7-9

Tip from Lynn: Be sure to read the first several pages of tips to be sure you don’t miss out on anything and you are ready to become the most popular recorder teacher ever!

Download link will be available on invoice. Just click on the title.



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