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Melody Makers 14-25 Lesson Plan Pack (download only) Ages 6-8


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This set of 12, fifty minute lessons, (or more if your lesson time is shorter) is designed for students who have had Melody Makers 1-13. The focus is on melody, solfege and melodic reading in a fun, game-like atmosphere with singing, moving, playing and improvisation. Rhythm reading is also reviewed. Included are VIDEOs of Lynn teaching the activities to her students. There is an extensive set of visuals for display as well as SMARTBoard, student handouts, detailed lesson plans with the process of teaching each activity, music notation of the songs, Orff orchestrations and valuable resource articles.

Age Group: Ages 6-8

These lessons include:

  • 12 FIFTY minute detailed Lesson Plans (Or 24 thirty minute lessons)
  • 53 Activity Videos with Lynn teaching her students
  • 23 Printable Teacher Visuals and manipulatives
  • 14 Weekly Student Handouts
  • Notation of the songs including Orff orchestrations
  • SMARTBoard/SMART Notebook Visuals
  • PowerPoint Slides & Visuals
  • Valuable related Resource Packet including related Articles

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