In All Kinds Of Weather Kids Make Music!


34 seasonal favorites! Includes “Mr. Sun,” “If All of the Raindrops,” and all the others from our book.

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34 seasonal favorites! IncludesMr. Sun,” “If All of the Raindrops,” and all the others from our book.

In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music!

Sunny and Warm

1. Mister Sun
2. Mary Ann
3. One in a Boat
4. Rainbow ‘Round Me
5. Sally Go ‘Round the Sun
6. Hawaiian Rainbows

Cool Autumn

7. Five Little Jack-O-Lanterns
8. Five Little Leaves

Windy Weather

9. Down the River
10. Windy Weather
11. Five Handsome Sailors
12. The Wind Blew East


13. One Misty, Moisty Morning

Wet and Rainy

14. Eensy Weensy Spider
15. Happiness
16. If All of the Raindrops
17. It Rained a Mist
18. Ladybugs
19. Off to the River
20. Raindrops
21. Rhymes in the Rain


22. The Ship Goes Sailing

Cold and Snowy

23. The Chubby Little Snowman
24. Five Little Jingle Bells
25. Five Little Snowmen
26. The Gingerbread Man
27. The North Wind Doth Blow
28. Snow (Yuki)
29. Warm Wendall
30. White Feathers


31. Cuckoo Clock
32. Who’s That Hatching?
33. The Cuckoo
34. Whether the Weather

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