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Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures CD



Fall/Winter Lessons and Concerts are made fun and easy with these delightful recordings that include a huge variety of instruments, including Orff, recorder, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, and more!

All songs include an instrumental version to make accompaniment easy for the classroom and concerts, plus karaoke at home too!

Children learn about life above and below the snow as they sing, move, play, and create music. The songs are short and repetitive, in the vocal range of young children, and SUNG by Music Rhapsody kids themselves!


Book also available:


The Holiday Songs and Winter Adventures book is jam-packed with:

  • Songs, Rhymes, Dances
  • Preschool/Elementary
  • Percussion, Orff, Recorder
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Holiday Treats
  • Digital Resources/Visual Aids
  • Beautiful Recordings
  • Accompaniment Tracks
  • Video Lessons/Concerts
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