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Learning Through Musical Play, A Member Spotlight For November

Learning Through Musical Play, A Member Spotlight For November

I am so thankful for the support of our members! This month, I’d like to highlight a very creative and inspirational member, Kathy Bellavia. I first met Kathy in 2015 and had the joy of Kathy and her son Justin attending my live training in Charlotte in 2017. They were excited about plans for the future! Their programs have had exciting growth including an arts enriched morning school, a ukulele program and providing music to schools.

Kathy’s approach to learning is so inline with our Music Rhapsody program! We love the playful, creative approach, encouraging the children’s ideas and input which shapes the stories, singing, art, movement and music making.

Look at the singing, movement and art! Check it out:

Music Rhapsody Member Spotlight – November 2022

Name: Kathy Bellavia and son Justin Bellavia

The Music Makers
Creative Learning House

Member Since: 2017

What’s your favorite thing about using Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody curriculum?

My son, Justin, and I use the Music Rhapsody curriculum to teach early childhood music and ukulele in schools and in our own studio called The Music Makers. During the pandemic we weren’t able to go into our schools so we opened Creative Learning House in our home. It’s a Reggio Amelia inspired morning school for ages 3 to 6 where students receive daily music and art. We both agree that our favorite thing about using the Music Rhapsody curriculum is the wonderful songs and recordings. They are loved by children and their families alike. Lynn’s recordings are beautiful and the songs contain themes that young children relate to and see in the world around them. We love how the curriculum is adaptable to fit ones personal style and ones unique teaching situation.

What are some creative ways you’ve used Music Rhapsody materials and curriculum in the classroom?

Though I have used Lynn Kleiner’s materials for over 25 years, the last two years I have been able to use them in a whole new way since I opened our Creative Learning House during the pandemic. The children and I have enjoyed creating puppet shows with the songs and coming up with art projects to bring the songs to life. Because we are with the children all morning, we sing the songs throughout the morning, while reading books, playing with toys, cleaning up, or gardening outside. I love it when the children initiate the singing of a song that they are reminded of when doing something related.

Justin and I have also been using Music Rhapsody songs to teach ukulele. Elementary aged children love songs like, “Scuba Man,” “Three Lady Bugs,” “We are Gathered,” “Bell Horses” and others, when we arrange group music making experiences using ukuleles, Orff instruments, props, and unpitched percussion instruments. It makes ukulele class more fun and engaging than they thought it would be and they ask for the activities over and over.

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