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Fun, Easy Songs For Percussion Activities

Fun, Easy Songs For Percussion Activities

Whether its kitchen instruments, Remo drums or Sound Shapes, or assorted percussion, here’s a couple of fun, easy songs that can offer little solo opportunities, splitting the group for specific parts, structured large group playing and exploration/improvisation time.

These are two of many of the activities I used from the Sound Shape Playbook at a recent event. Here’s a peek at Ten Musicians Drumming and Alabama Gal. Find this book in the Weekly Specials section of the Music Rhapsody shop along with other selected items! (Members, use your coupon code to save even more!)

Free to Music Box Members! PowerPoint, music and lesson suggestions for Alabama Gal are in Music Box Downloads. There’s also tips and activity ideas on drum circles. (Not a member? Join now!)


Valentine’s Day lessons are also being featured in Music Box as well as MR Members Module 2 lesson plans.

See you in the Box!

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Drum or Percussion Circles for Kids

Drum or Percussion Circles for Kids

Drum Circles  include “free play” for exploration, improvisation, enjoying the groove! But having structured activities bring a lot of fun and satisfaction to the music making group.

One source that is very helpful is the Sound Shape Playbook.

The activities are quick and easy to add for any type of drums, percussion, homemade instruments, kitchen music, etc.

1 2 Tie My Shoe – leader does one two, circle does words

Repeat with one side doing numbers, other side doing words

Repeat bass tone on numbers, rim tone for words

Play low drums verses high drums


Alabama Gal    This activity is in the Sound Shape Play book, as well as the included CD. The free download in Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box also includes activity suggestions and free PowerPoint for classroom use too.

Ten Musicians Drumming – Play on the numbers  and short solos make this exciting.

They played like this……….they played like that, they played with their friends, they played with their baby, they played in the kitchen, they played in the car, ten musicians drummmmmmming.

Video – During the pandemic, masked families enjoyed an outdoor event!

Listen to another rhythmic favorite from My Trip to the Mountains Book/CD, She’ll be Comin Round the Mtn.

For more on percussion favorites, see Lynn’s resources and training,

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