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Sonor Meisterklasse Soprano Glockenspiel



16 bars; c3-a4; C-major scale with f#3, bb3 and f#4; profiled steel sound bars 25 x 3 mm; precision-tuned to A440; incl. 1 pair of SCH 4 mallets included. A new material composition of stainless steel provides a pure sound with optimized resonance while offering durability, stability and resistance against fingerprints and scratches. The profiled surface gives the bars a natural, visually appealing look. Comes with magnetic bar holder: Just attach the bars to the resonator box and you’ll always have them close at hand.

• Pure bell-like tone
• Optimized, shorter resonance
• Innovative Stainless Steel sound bars
• Natural, non-painted sound bar surface
• Wide sound bar dimensions (25 mm)
• Magnetic sound bar holder
• 3 extra bars included
• SCH 4 mallets included

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