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Kids Make Music® Rhythm Sticks


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The Kids Make Music Rhythm Sticks features a beautiful pair of hardwood sticks that produce a wide variety of sounds. Featuring a clean, natural wood finish, these sticks are intentionally made shorter to safely accommodate small hands and encourage children to keep the beat and explore rhythms. One stick is smooth and the other is ribbed for tapping or making fun sounds, like a quacking duck, snoring grandpa, croaking frog, and more! Kids Make Music Instruments are developed in conjunction with REMO.

For delightful music activities for the rhythm sticks, see the Kids Make Music DVD!



  • Early childhood education
  • Pair of hardwood sticks. One smooth, one ribbed for a variety of sounds
  • Developed in conjunction with REMO
  • Produces a wide variety of sounds
  • Size – 8″ x 1″

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