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Kids Make Music® Gathering Drum


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We’re sorry, but Music Rhapsody cannot ship the gathering drum outside the continental United States.


The Kids Make Music Gathering Drum is more than just a drum; it’s a tool that helps spark the imagination of our youngest early musicians. Young ones love the amazing finish, brilliance, sparkles, and size of this enormous instrument, capable of producing a wide variety of sounds. The 40” diameter Acousticon® shell, pre-tuned Suede® drumhead and Colored print sound control dot are unique only to this drum. Children love the print on the inside! When turned over, babies, tots and preschoolers can be placed inside the drum like a “boat” to be moved side-to-side to the beat of the music. Available in size: 40″ x 8″.

Perfect for group drumming for babies, toddlers, children and adults
Developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and early childhood music education expert
Constructed with an Acousticon® shell and a pre-tuned Suede® drumhead
Size – 40″ x 8″
Brightly colored green print sound control dot
Large bass and resonant sound, capable of producing many types of sounds


Note: Shipping charge of $249 per drum will automatically be added to shopping cart. The estimated ship date is within 4-6 weeks.  We’re sorry, but Music Rhapsody cannot ship the gathering drum outside the continental United States & Canada.


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