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2 Mini Workshops With Lynn – Recording & Goodie Pack


November 10, 2021 Zoom Workshop Recording and Goodie Pack (See below for Description)

Loving Beginning Recorder, Small Bites for Big Success
What Can I Expect from my 4-6 year olds

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With registration to the November 2021 2 Mini Workshops – You will also receive the link for FOUR Mini Workshops from last year! This includes Nov/Dec Dance and Movement, Winter Stories with Music, Rhythm Readers for Winter, Top Small Percussion!  Plus the Goodie Packs for all 6 mini workshops.


November 10, 2021 presented by Lynn Kleiner with Online Training Coach Ann l Zoom Workshop Recording & Goodie Pack

Includes Videos of students, PowerPoint, Student Handouts, Printed Music, Downloads and Recording.

Mini Workshop 1. Loving Beginning Recorder, Small Bites for Big Success

This session includes how to make beginning recorder fun, engaging and musical! Using a prop, movement, color coding, you and your students will love these lessons! Songs include This Little Light of Mine, Jingle Bells, Jolly Old Saint Nick

Mini Workshop 2. What Can I Expect from my 4-6 year olds

Activities and Tips for Singing (Pitch Matching/Singing in Tune), Instruments (body percussion, unpitched and Orff), and Movement for children in their first year of music classes.

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