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What Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers have been asking for:

A Unique Social Media Platform & so much more!

A Social Media Platform for Music Educators All Over the World

Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers log into Music Box every day. Its all here. The fun. The excitement. The inspiration. The assistance. Download what you want, when you want it. Add sparkle to your plans, receive substantial discounts. Connect with Lynn and other teachers who believe teaching music should be an engaging, enriching experience for students and teachers alike. From an Orff approach. 75% of the downloads in Music Box for members are FREE, and many are exclusively available to teachers in “the Box.” Music Rhapsody membership includes Music Box.

Annual music box membership is $75. That’s only $0.21 per day and you have access to everything on day 1!

Content and Resources

  • 75% Free Downloads: Songs, Orff Arrangements, Accompaniments, & Seasonal Lessons
  • Baby/Toddler/Preschool
  • Kindergarten/Elementary Music
  • Forum with Lynn & fellow teachers
  • Video Tutorials, Concerts, FULL Workshops by Lynn & Teacher Visuals
  • 10%-25% off Music Rhapsody’s store
  • MP3s & Stories with Music

Extensive Curriculum for Purchase at 25% off!

  • Weekly Lesson Plans: Orff, Themes, Early childhood to Elementary, & Recorder Courses
  • Concert Plans
  • Accompaniments, Stories with Music, & Songs
  • Entire Albums

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  • Plus the newsletter, workshop videos with workshop notes, recordings and more.
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