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Jingle All The Way With These Bell Songs

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Parents & Students

Bells, bells, bells! All kids love bells. Shaking, dancing, and twirling with a bell in hand fills all kids with joy and giggles! Did you know that this shaking, dancing, and twirling helps your child develop their hand eye coordination and gross motor skills? These skills are super important and help them throughout their lives in sports and school alike. You can help your child by tapping the beat on their body or by shaking your own bell with the steady beat while listening to our favorite bell songs!


Our Favorite Bell Songs


Check out some of our favorite bell shaking songs! These can be used year round but are perfect for the holidays! Your kids can even practice for a performance for the holidays. Be sure to record it so you have memories for years to come!



After years of rigorous testing with Remo, Lynn now sells some of the safest bells for children of any ages. For children 2 and younger we recommend the Kids Make Music Baby Bell Rattle. For children 3 and older we recommend the Kids Make Music Bell Belt.

Here are our wonderful students last year at the 2019 Holiday Open House performance shaking their bells!


Holiday Open House Week 2020 – December 12-18th

This year’s Holiday Open House will be a week long to allow for social distancing and will be held outdoors in the Music Rhapsody parking lot! Click here to view the Holiday Open House schedule of performances.


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