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5 Hidden Advantages Of Summer Piano Lessons

5 Hidden Advantages Of Summer Piano Lessons

Summer is coming and we have so much fun music planned! Here’s why summer piano lessons are so beneficial.

summer piano lessons


1. During the summer, it’s easier to focus without the pressures of school and additional new piano challenges that we have in the school year!


2. Summertime means we have a fun theme! Practice the pieces you’ve already learned and also learn pieces from the theme. (e.g. Jungle Beat – learn songs from Tarzan, Jungle Book, Lion King, etc.)


3. Keep up your skills, memory and performance confidence! Don’t forget the pieces you’ve already learned. We also have fun performance opportunities over the summer.


4. Even scheduling some summer piano lessons with playlist and lesson goals is better than nothing at all. 


5. Unlimited classes mean you get to come to ALL other classes in your age group! Explore different genres and practice playing with groups of other students, get creative with songwriting and music production, or learning through fun musical games with xylophones and other Orff percussion instruments.



Interested in summer piano lessons and are a current student? Let us know if you’d like to continue over the summer by filling out the form in the classroom or emailing us at! New to Music Rhapsody? Find out more about our unique Simply Music Piano program and schedule a Free Introductory Piano Session!

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