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Too Many Summer Camps To Choose From? Why Choose Music Camp

Too Many Summer Camps To Choose From? Why Choose Music Camp

Why Choose Music Camp Out of A Million Other Camps?

What do parents imagine when thinking of music camp? Maybe some parents think of somewhere that has rigorous lessons every day in a specific instrument, where students are expected to practice hours on end. Of course, there are some more rigorous camps that require auditions for high school children who are more experienced in their instrument, but many music camps offer the opposite – fun filled, no pressure days where you get to experience many different instruments, decide which ones you like, and play educational musical games. So why should you choose music camp out of the sea of camps at your local camp fair?


1. Your child will be in a creative, collaborative environment that’s also fun.

Making music together facilitates great friendships and builds teamwork skills. Your child will be eager to show you and their friends what they learn.

2. Music camp provides a fun STEAM learning experience.

Music helps your child develop skills they can later use in STEAM careers. It is mathematical, creative, artistic, and builds attention to detail. It also develops spatial-temporal faculties, which are essential in working through solutions to the complex problems in fields such as architecture, engineering, and science.

3. Less screen time:

Though some camps offer music production and music technology elements, there are also lots of exciting hands on activities that involve playing instruments, musical games, or movement activities off screen.

4. Music helps children develop confidence through fun challenges.

Learn new songs, dances, and skills on instruments, and develop leadership skills along the way.

5. Music does something unique: it helps children recognize and express their emotions.

It allows children to express themselves in a way that other things cannot. Music can also help children learn to “hear” what certain feelings sound like, such as joy, sorrow, excitement, and others, and this can make it easier for children to understand what they are feeling.


Our summer music camp for grades K-8 offers something for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced.

Experience new instruments, make new friends, play musical games, and even participate in a concert at our unique music day camp. Try instruments like xylophones, metallophones, and other exciting percussion. Take daily lessons in instruments such as recorder, piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, or saxophone. Sing, dance, or try your hand at musical theater. Come find out why students return year after year to music camp! From beginners to advanced, this offers something for all levels of ability. Early bird tuition available now through April 15!

Register for our camp here!


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