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Goin on a Bike Ride, Feeling Beat, Hearing Rhythm, Creating Verses

Goin on a Bike Ride, Feeling Beat, Hearing Rhythm, Creating Verses

There is an order, a sequence of types of activities that will bring musical success. In the area of timing and singing, this is especially true if music is introduced at an early age. Goin’ on a Bike Ride is a delightful little activity for feeling the beat, hearing the rhythm and encouraging imaginative participation by easily creating new verses.

Here’s a couple ways we use the song to do this, depending on the ages and the setting of your classes.

Babies and Tots – adults alternate the child’s legs up and down, gently moving as each leg bends at the knew and straightens to the beat, as it would when riding a bike. Use the child’s name, Grandma, mommy, names of pets, puppets, etc, to create new verses of who is going along on the ride!

Preschool/K – Everyone stands in a large circle, holding on to the “Stretchy Band,” alternating hands while making the circular motion as if riding a bike. Teacher or Leader moves around the center, stopping on “who do you see?”  The child sings who’s on the bike ride. (Imagination is welcome here! Ladybug? Dinosaur? Skunk?)

This adorable story book, Duck on a Bike,  is a great way to give the children ideas of who may be riding on a bike!

The song and recording, Going on a Bike Ride is from the book/CD Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!

To introduce the song, you may share this video with your students.

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