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What Is Baby Music & Movement?

What Is Baby Music & Movement?

Baby music and movement is a way to build a foundation in music and learning that babies both need and love. The best way to introduce your baby to music and movement is a music class for babies. At Music Rhapsody, our early childhood music classes incorporate fun, age appropriate music, dances, parenting tips, and fun activities for both the parent and child. All our classes are taught by an experienced early childhood music teacher.

Music classes for babies are one of the best ways for parents to learn how to be musical with their child. Our classes explore babies’ natural impulse to move, speak, sing and play rhythmically, because it’s a natural and vital part of being human!

What’s A Baby Music & Movement Class Like?

By exposing babies to rhymes, tickle games, songs and instruments, music classes reinforce core first-year developmental milestones. Music and movement classes for babies teach eye contact, object permanence, and bonding with parent or caregiver. Also, music classes are wonderful mommy and baby, daddy and baby, or caregiver and baby activities to do together and meet other mommies in the neighborhood. Many of our families grow up together and become lifelong musical friends.

Music Rhapsody’s music classes for babies teach basic music concepts like a sense of timing and pitch, coordination and mental concentration and memory. But, these are just a few of the areas developed in our early childhood music lessons.

Through music and movement, the repetition of music and activities, baby music classes help babies become aware of their environment. These visual and aural stimulations aid in language emergence and the ability of the eyes to focus. Floor activities and group dances done in mommy and baby music class help to naturally develop babies core strength and social skills and stimulates the vestibular system.



Try It Out!

Looking for a way to learn more about baby music and movement? Why not try out one of Music Rhapsody’s baby classes? It’s free to try out, and we’d love to sing hello!

Come celebrate Kids Music Day on October 3rd, 2020with us! Try a complimentary baby music class. Also, listen and move to music by our wonderful Orff & Recorder Ensemble! Many of our older ensemble students have been in the Music Rhapsody program since they were babies. They have developed an excellent musical foundation!

If you can’t make it then, you can always schedule a complimentary visit for a different day.


Music Rhapsody Orff & Recorder Ensemble


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