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Successful Traits of a Music Rhapsody Teacher

  • Indicates desire to have Music Rhapsody as a career and not just something to try.
  • Performs in an energetic and enthusiastic manner.
  • Has a pleasant and clear speaking and singing voice.
  • Demonstrates obvious musical skill and/or training.
  • Can accurately clap a rhythm.
  • Can accurately echo back pitches and intervals.
  • Indicates good tonal memory when repeating phrases.
  • Has experience working with children such as: Sunday School teacher, babysitting, teaching in a classroom or lessons, has children or nieces and nephews. The more experience working with children, especially young children, the better!
  • Plays ukulele or guitar or is willing to learn.
  • Can sit on the floor, stand back up quickly and easily facilitate dance and movement activities
  • After studying the Music Rhapsody materials, can demonstrate an activity for “solo singing”, movement and instrument playing (demonstrating the ability to learn materials quickly and accurately).
  • Demonstrates positive interaction with parents and children as they present their 10-minute practice lesson “live.”
  • Exhibits confidence and leadership qualities.
  • Shows willingness and eagerness to pursue early childhood music training.
  • Male teachers must be able to sing in falsetto.

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