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Protected: Toddlers Make Music® CD #2 (Digital)


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Toddlers Make Music CD #2 (Modules 3 & 4)

More beautiful recordings of many of your favorite songs from Music Rhapsody’s Toddlers Make Music class for Modules 3 & 4. Designed for parent use in home and car.

 Los Machetes
Jack and Jill
Chester’s Samba
All Around the Gard’ner’s Bench (short version)
She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain (short)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
– Squirrel (Piano)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
– Owl (Ukulele, Xylophone)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain,
– Eagle (Banjo, Recorder)
Eagle, Eagle, Where is Your Nest?
The Cuckoo
Birdies Flying To and Fro
Way Up High in the Sky So Blue
Night Storm*
Farmer Brown’s Cow
Ten Fish in the Sea
Five Handsome Sailors
Debka Kurdit
I’s The B’y
Up So High
La Raspa
Zoom Down the Freeway
The Fireman
Little Shoemaker
Fluff Pie*
High Five*
Twinkle, Twinkle (oboe)
All the Pretty Little Horses
Largo, from Symphony No. 9
Theme & Variations, from Surprise Symphony

© Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody
* © Licensed to Simply Music. All rights reserved.
This CD is for exclusive use with Music Rhapsody. Cannot be sold separately.


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