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The Story of Ferdinand (download only)



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The story of Ferdinand shares a message of peace and contentment. Children are delighted to create the music for Ferdinand and the other bulls; this requires two very different styles! The lesson introduces terms and symbols for piano, forte and crescendo, as well as suggested sound effects and a song with easy Orff accompaniment.
Source: Story book by Muno Leaf. Drawings by Robert Lawson Lesson and Song by Lynn Kleiner. Optional “parade dance” from Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move book and CD
Page Count: 8
Age Group: Ages 3 – 8
Number of Lessons: Shown as one lesson, this can be presented over 2-4 lessons.
Tip from Lynn: This has become a favorite of mine around Valentine’s Day since Ferdinand’s mother is full of love! I use red scarves, the red Ferdinand book, and a soft, red bull toy.

For the related story book, see The Story of Ferdinand

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