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Music Rhapsody Complete Studio Package

Always wanted to start your own studio? This package has everything you need to start your own studio – includes our teacher training course, 1 year of Music Rhapsody membership (license to use our curriculum), instruments, puppets, felts, storybooks & more!

Dreaming Of Starting Your Own Studio?

The Complete Studio Package for Ages 0-6 gives you all you need to start your own studio! You’ll get items that are required to become an officially endorsed Music Rhapsody teacher. Items included in this package are shipped free within the Continental United States. We’re sorry, we cannot offer substitutions for any items in this package.

Total Package Value: $4,411 

Studio Package Price: $3,495 

The package includes:

Training & Memberships

1 Online or Live Teacher Training Course

1 Year Music Rhapsody Membership (license to use our curriculum) / Includes Music Box Membership

*Music Rhapsody Membership is $25/mo after the first year.



1 Gathering Drum

1 Concert Ukulele With Bag & Tuner

1 Sopranino Recorder

2 each Teacher/Visitor Music Kits (8)

1 Sonor SMART Series Soprano Xylophone

1 Sonor SMART Series Alto Xylophone



10 Digital CDs With Music Rhapsody's Original Music For Classroom Use

Babies Make Music Digital CDs 1 & 2

Toddlers Make Music Digital CDs 1 & 2

Kids Make Music Digital CDs 1 & 2

Big Kids Make Music Digital CDs 1 & 2

Young Musicians Make Music Digital CDs 1 & 2




Hand Puppets (Set of 4)

1 Fluffy Cat

1 Horse

1 Pop-up Clown

1 White Mouse

Finger Puppets (Set of 10)

1 Bear

1 Horse

1 Chick

1 Dog

1 Frog

1 Gray Squirrel

1 Lobster

1 Rabbit

1 Hummingbird

1 Spotted Owl


1 Beginner Counting Set

1 Farm Set

1 Five Leaves Set

1 Turkey Feathers Set

1 Felt Board


1 Jump Frog Jump Book

1 Snowy Day Book

1 Very Busy Spider Book


Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!

More…….Kids Make Music, Babies Make Music Too!

In All Kinds of Weather Kids Make Music!

Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move!

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