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Protected: Kids Make Music® CD #2 (Digital)


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Kids Make Music CD #2 (Modules 3 & 4) 

More beautiful recordings of many of your favorite songs from Music Rhapsody’s Kids Make Music class for Modules 3 & 4.  Designed for parents use in home and car.

Primo Vere: V. Ecce Gratum
– From Carmina Burana
Shoemaker’s Dance
The Syncopated Clock
Cuckoo Clock
Who’s That Hatching?
Bird Dance
Baby Birdie
Round and Round the Haystack
Here is a Bunny
All Around the Gard’ner’s Bench (long)
Beehive/One Little Bumblebee
Stormy Day
Los Colores
Jack in the Box
Night Storm*
We are Gathered
Three Times Around Went Our Little Ship
Larry the Lobster
Minuet in G*
– From the notebook of Magdalena Bach
Once At The Latin*
One, Two, Point to Your Shoe
Saute Crapaud
Drum and Stop
Go Round and Round the Village
Hokey Pokey
Percussion Family
She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain
Theme & Variations, from Surprise Symphony
Largo, from Symphony No.9 (New World)

© Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody
* © Licensed to Simply Music. All rights reserved.
This CD is for exclusive use with Music Rhapsody. Cannot be sold separately.


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