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Froggy Goes To School



Author: Jonathan London and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

For a unique and exciting lesson with Orff, see Froggy Goes to School, a delightful lesson plan and song for the beginning of the school year. Learning the rules and guidelines of the music room will be so much fun when you use this story and song.

Is Froggy nervous about the first day of school? Well, just a little. First he has a terrible nightmare, dreaming that he almost misses the bus and shows up at school in his underwear. Then when he does wake up, he drops the milk just as he’s about to pour some on his bowl of flies! Finally Froggy makes it out the door, leapfrogging the whole way, eager for all the challenges that await him in this comical, brightly illustrated tale of a daunting-but-rewarding first day at school.

Ages: 4-8
Pages: 32
Published: Viking Juvenile 1996

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