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Protected: Big Kids Make Music CD #2 (Physical or Digital)


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Big Kids Make Music #2 (Modules 3 & 4)

More beautiful recordings of many of your favorite songs from Music Rhapsody’s Big Kids Make Music class for Modules 3 & 4.  Designed for parents use in home and car.

Jungle Beat Chant (Drums)
Silly Sam
One Little Elephant
The Elephant
“Grr-umph!” Went the Little Green Frog
Jungle Beat Chant (Whispers)
Matilda the Gorilla
Going to the Jungle
– Sing What We Should Bring
Who’s That Hatching?
Colored Eggs
Hunt the Cows
The Snail and the Mouse
One Misty, Moisty Morning
Drivin’ to the Mountains
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
– Sleeping Bag (Ukulele and flute)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
– Picnic (Banjo, Clarinet)
Peanut Butter
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Grizzly Bear (Guitar, Trumpet)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
– Great Big Tree (Ukulele, Saxophone)
The Chimes of Dunkirk
High Five*
The Blue Danube*
Ten Fish in the Sea
Theme & Variations, from Surprise Symphony
Largo, from Symphony No. 9

© Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody
* © Licensed to Simply Music. All rights reserved.
This CD is for exclusive use with Music Rhapsody. Cannot be sold separately.


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