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Open House Week

January 4-9, 2021

New to Music Rhapsody or returning and want to check out the older classes? See something unique, new and challenging at every age level. What’s Rhythm Readers you say? Come and take a peek! Have a baby but want to check out a toddler class? Welcome!


We are serious about health and safety guidelines, so this year we are offering several different ways you can participate in Open House Week safely!

RSVP To Participate In A Zoom Class

Watch Our Livestream

If you don’t have time to participate fully in a class or are just curious what our classes are all about, you can always tune in to our livestream!


We will be livestreaming on Facebook.

Toddlers Make Music (Ages 1 & 2yrs) – Wed, Jan 6 @ 9:15am – UPDATED TIME

Kids Make Music (Ages 2 & 3) – Mon, Jan 4 @ 10:15am

Big Kids Make Music (Ages 3 & 4) – Sat, Jan 9 @ 11:15am

Young Musicians Make Music (Ages 4 & 5) – Sat, Jan 9 @ 12:30pm

Rhythm Readers (Ages 5-7) – Mon, Jan 4 @ 4:30pm


Interested in our unique Simply Music Piano program? Come to our Free Introductory Piano Session on Zoom to find out more!

Made a big impact on my daughter's confidence

5 stars

Made a big impact on my daughter’s confidence and joy playing the piano. Music Rhapsody uses a unique and effective approach in teaching piano, so children learn a variety of songs fairly easily and quickly. It seems to make the process more rewarding for kids, and less tedious.

Velvet A.
Yelp Review

Lucas loves the other babies on Zoom.

5 stars

With all that is going on in terms of the working at home and family stresses we have been managing from the lockdown, having something like this has felt like a life-line for me to help me feel assured we are still doing something enriching for Lucas, and have a little bit of a road-map to do it right…and I can see the positive effects on Lucas, literally daily.

Abigail Whilden

Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. It is truly the highlight of Naomi's week.

5 stars

You are so kind and gentle with them and we can see the pedagogy you are bringing to them — but in such a fun and imaginative way. Right now we especially appreciate the joy and sense of community you are bringing to these kiddos during a time of isolation that is hard for them to understand.


Empowering infants to kids + with music.

5 stars

Lynn has a life dedication to empowering infants to kids + with music.  Music is more than just rhythm, harmony, melody/etc.  Music & sound it an area of the brain and connected to emotion, memory, expression.  She takes this knowledge and cultivates classes that drive fun, learning, and interaction.

Home O.
Yelp Review

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