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In Memory of Remo D. Belli

As my preschoolers and elementary students played their tone blocks, drums, triangles, rhythm sticks, ocean drum,(and more) preparing for their upcoming concerts, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I remembered these instruments were the size, quality, durability and incredible tone because of Remo Belli. I met Remo in the early 1990s. After attending one of my workshops at MENC, he invited me to the Remo factory. That was the beginning of a dream come true – I got to say exactly how I wanted my instruments: the hole drilled in my triangle, the tone block extra thick and ribbed, the rhythm sticks short for my preschoolers, the baby drum – a mallet you can safely put in your mouth, a gathering drum big enough for my early childhood classes to all sit around and sturdy enough to turn over for our boat songs, with little ones inside. Remo was not only a good listener, he came to Music Rhapsody. He saw classes. He improved everything we were playing. He wanted quality, durability and safety for the youngest music makers. And for the teachers, he worked on getting the largest gathering drum lighter weight so it wasn’t so heavy for us! This is only a bit of the support my program had from Remo. I can’t tell you all he has done for me and music makers all over the world, every ability, every age. He wanted us to have the best. He made that happen. Remo, I will miss you so much.


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