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Infant & Toddler Classes

Weekly Infant & Toddler Classes For Daycares In LA & Orange Counties

Music Rhapsody’s Mommy & Me infant and toddler classes are a great way to incorporate music education into a school’s early childhood program. Classes are taught by trained, enthusiastic early childhood music specialists from Music Rhapsody.

Research has shown that babies, from fetus to toddler, respond intuitively to music and benefit from it. Naturally and instinctively responding to music, the infant and toddler exposed to music can later concentrate and learn more quickly, showing advanced verbal skills, vocabulary, and coordination. Research has also shown that music for very young children generates neural connections, enhancing higher brain functions that enable a child to reason in subjects such as math, physics, and engineering.

Early exposure to rhymes, tickle games, songs, and instruments reinforce core first-year developmental milestones such as eye contact, object permanence, and bonding. Babies become aware of the sights and sounds around them which aids in language emergence and focus. Floor activities help to naturally develop babies’ core strength and social skills with other babies as it provides stimulation of the vestibular system.


Infant Classes

In these interactive classes, babies enjoy delightful rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, action songs, and dances that stimulate natural responses to music. Baby-favored instruments such as maracas, bells, hand drums and gathering drums are used, as well as colorful scarves for movement and the peek-a-boo song! The babies love to hold their instruments and respond to the music. Babies naturally shake or pat objects, and the instruments allow them an opportunity to make music while doing so. Caregivers are encouraged to participate in the interactive musical games and dances. The classes are based on the latest research into infant musical development and help to develop listening and motor skills. Language development and a sense of balance and timing are also enhanced. Classes are 30 minutes and require the participation of the caregivers.

Toddler Classes

The toddler classes feature delightful songs, dances, and musical activities that focus on singing, moving, and playing. High-quality percussion instruments, puppets, and colorful props make this a very special music time. The toddlers love exploring different sounds or timbres as we play many types of sounds: wood, metal, skins and shakers. The age-appropriate songs and movement activities assist and enhance language development and memory and improve coordination and timing. Creative social interaction helps toddlers express their feelings productively and develops their imagination and ability to focus as they learn musical concepts, vocabulary, and musicianship by making music. Classes are 30 minutes and require the participation of the caregivers.

The impulse to move, speak, sing and play rhythmically is a natural and vital part of being human. After one year of music studies, children who start music at a later age have far less gain in their musical intelligence than children who had that year of music at a young age. Just as babies learn to speak and understand our language before they learn to read and write it, music is also learned best this way!

Our approach to music comes from the Orff Schulwerk philosophy, a joyful and exciting experience for very young children using singing, movement and instrument playing to teach music. By participating in these lessons, the child will become a better musician and will be more successful in future musical pursuits.

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