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Music in Preschool is FUNMany teachers have wondered about the best way to teach music in preschool classrooms. Can they pay attention, will they learn, how can I keep them focused and how do I plan a preschool music lesson? Easy! It’s especially easy if you’ve got Music Rhapsody resources at your disposal for music in preschool classrooms. With preschool music activities, songs, lesson plans, and curricula, preschool music teachers are always prepared, and preschoolers are begging for more music!

At this age, preschool music activities are most successful when there’s a variety of activities, songs, and rhymes in the lesson. Sometimes, Music Rhapsody classes will focus on just one story. Using the drama of the story during a lesson, can lead to successful solo singing, pitch matching and listening skills. Movement, instrument playing, exploration, and creativity in music making are done all through one story. This gets the children actively involved and engaged in the preschool music lesson.

In Music Rhapsody’s preschool music class, you’ll find preschoolers singing songs about oceans, rainforests, animals, seasons, or holidays. Singing games and folk songs are also a staple in music class. Preschoolers learn to become aware of different qualities in their voice like high-low, and loud-soft, fast-slow, and short-long. These same musical concepts are reinforced in the instrument activities, all successful and joyful for early childhood music making.

We practice beat and rhythm most of the time using a single motion per beat. Music and movement is so important for learning, especially for these youngsters! So, we incorporate music and movement for preschoolers in every activity. Imaginations come alive when children are asked to move “like” something or as if they were something, like a tree, bear, or cat.

For more music activity ideas, Music Rhapsody books has songs, activities, craft projects, and visuals to help with preschool music lesson plans. For more help with music in preschool curriculum, Music Box has all the resources a teacher could dream of. For everything you could ever want to know about having a successful and FUN early childhood music program, Lynn Kleiner’s Teacher Training and Music Rhapsody Membership are a music teacher’s best friend.

See? Isn’t music in preschool a breeze with Music Rhapsody?