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I love babies! I had four but if I had started earlier in life, I probably would have doubled that number! Each of my children have had the benefit of being immersed in a world of music from the beginning. I played the piano during each pregnancy and taught piano and early childhood music during three of my four pregnancies.

When my children were born, live music put them to sleep at night and filled their days. We listened to everything from Beethoven and George Winston, to symphonies, jazz and rock and roll. As they grew into toddlers, we played favorite CDs again and again and I noticed that not only that they were moving to the beat (first kicking, then bouncing and walking) but they were singing the ends of phrases and even entire phrases of familiar songs. Steady beat and language acquisition were natural outcomes of their immersion in music. Recognition of musical phrasing through movement, ability to match pitch and to create their own songs were such a delightful thing for me to witness as they matured.

My children are now ages 11, 16, 19 and 21. Music has been such an important part of their lives. They sing, play instruments and find music be a place for self expression and for social interaction. There is nothing more wonderful to come home to a house full of teenagers sitting in the living room playing the piano and guitar, singing and laughing. And to think it all started when they were babies! What a wonderful journey to witness! What a gift to give your child, grandchild or to the little children you know. Consider taking a Music Rhapsody class-or becoming a Music Rhapsody Teacher. I promise you will love every minute!