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Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training

What others are saying…

“This training has helped me discover the roots of my frustrations in planning and teaching my PreK students. Of course, the things I had planned for them were not working- my children are not exposed to this kind of music-making until they meet me for the very first time. Shortly after Lynn’s training, I redesigned my entire PreK music curriculum incorporating the many things I’d learned about musical development. I have been incredibly overjoyed at the success and happiness of both my PreK music-makers and me!”~ Katie Traxler, NYC

I am overwhelmed with this incredible program of excellence that Lynn is offering. I would highly recommend this to all Dance and Music Studios. Do everything you can to get a teacher to one of Lynn’s summer trainings. Or at least do online teacher training. The program is so well laid out, with detailed lesson plans and fantastic video of every single activity, including all recordings, 40 weeks for all 5 age levels. Year after year, our families have loved the classes and I have loved teaching the program.” ~ Diane Gwynn McWhorter Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance, Florida

Lynn Kleiner is an amazing teacher and this program is rich with easy to learn songs, movement-repetition with variety!! Can’t wait to get it started in my studio!!!” ~ Kristen Fairfield, California

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