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Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody Kits Capture Prestigious Oppenheim Award!


Throughout our 35+ year history, our products have earned acclaim several organizations, including Creative Child Magazine, Dove Foundation, National Parenting Center, Oppenheim Best Toy Awards, and the iParenting Media Awards, and as well as endorsements from Kids First, REMO, and Alfred Publishing.

The Oppenheim Award in particular was awarded to Lynn Kleiner’s instrument/DVD kits. The award is given by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, which is the only independent children’s media evaluation company in the United States. The organization analyzes games, toys, computer products and appropriate musical instruments for children by age groups.


Teacher Testimonials



What parents are saying about Lynn Kleiner’s music kits and DVDs

“I truly feel your DVDs have had a substantially positive impact on my son. He’s 14 months old and knows all of the songs on the “Music for Babies” DVD and the majority of the “Music for Kids” DVD – he watches them everyday, and gets really excited when I go to turn on the TV.”

Jessica Dixon

“I just wanted to write you to let you know that I loved using your JUNGLE BEAT (book with accompanying music CD) as a resource for summer camp. One of the themes I selected this year (for summer camp) was the jungle, and I had so much fun using your book. We made the Jungle Safari Vests and binoculars. Afterwards we went on a safari, where the kids found hidden treasures. The snack on that day was ‘Monkey Dogs’ (recipe from the book), yummy.”

Linda MacFarlane, Rutland County Head Start Mini Camp

“My daughter (Fourteen months old) loves the Kids Make Music DVD. She is obsessed with it! Thank you so much for the many hours of enjoyment you have brought us and for making such great products and introducing her to music!”

Patricia Laucella, Santa Monica, CA

“I received Kids Make Music Too as a gift from my aunt, an elementary music teacher. My two children played the video tape daily for months until they finally broke the case. We had to buy another copy! I have lots of kids music videos but Lynn’s is the best because it gets the kids to actually DO instead of just watch. Thanks so much, Lynn!!!”

Dawn Bucholtz, Terre Haute, IN

“We rented the Kids Make Music videos at our local library and loved them!! We had to buy them! I consider these the best videos we have shown our 2 year old. She really interacts with it.”

Joey Premo, Iron Mountain, MI

“Anytime Matthew is fussy, I do Babies Make Music with him and soon he’s smiling and giggling.”

Michelle Dunn, Hermosa Beach, CA

“A friend of mine who’s a music teacher gave me Babies Make Music Kit with my first born four years ago and I just love it. I’ve been giving it out as a gift to a lot of my friends. I am excited about your DVD format. Thank you for sharing your ideas and talents with me and my family and friends.”

Stephanie Orum, Neptune Beach, FL

“I found your kits at a Music Educators National Conference in Minneapolis. My two year old grandson LOVES Kids Make Music! He carries his instrument kit with him everywhere.”

Carolyn Hock, Palmer Lake, CO

“We rented the Kids Make Music DVD at our local library and loved them!! I consider these the best videos/DVDs we have shown our 2 year old! She really interacts with it.”

Ella Alma, Portland, CT

“We found several of your Kids Make Music videos at the base library on Camp Courtney in Okinawa, Japan! We enjoyed them so much that we ordered one for ourselves and like to give them as new baby gifts.”

Maxx Godsey, San Diego, CA

“I bought the Kids Make Music kit in LA last year and both my kids adore it! My 4-year-old son has auditory defensiveness and cannot attend group music classes so we are lucky to be able to do this at home where the noise level is controlled.”

Carol Hui, Tokyo, Japan

What parents are saying about Music Rhapsody classes

“We LOVE our music class. We could not live without it! It helps Trevor to get ready for a formal learning environment, along with teaching him so much about music!”

Amy Robertson Scripps, Santa Monica, CA

“Music Rhapsody classes have been a wonderful experience for my entire family. The songs and games we play follow us home and are incorporated in our daily activities. Watching Milo’s participation and enthusiasm grow since he was just an infant has been the greatest gift!”

Marizsa Bravo-Casillas, Santa Monica, CA

“After all her years of Music Rhapsody’s Orff and recorder classes, Susannah started playing piano in January. The teacher can’t believe how fast she has progressed. Plus, she loves playing the piano. She has such a love of music because of your program. Thank you for all your program does for the children!”

Pam Absher, Parent


What parents are saying about Music Rhapsody classes / Songs of the Sea

“I most definitely see that my daughter, Sofia, loves your classes. She’s always singing and dancing around the house. Also, thank you for providing the parents with the Songs of the Sea CD. I now play it in the car everywhere we go and the kids absolutely love it. They love to sing along and constantly request that I play it again and again. Your music program has definitely enriched my daughter’s life in many ways. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution.”

Debra E. Louie, Los Angeles, CA


What parents are saying about Lynn’s Summer Music Day Camp

“My daughter’s first experience with Music Rhapsody was in the summer camp. She was six and had never taken music classes before, and it was also her first summer camp experience. She is also home schooled and had never been away from me for a long time, so I didn’t know if she would feel comfortable there. When we signed up, we didn’t know anyone else doing it. It turns out she loved I!. The staff make her feel really comfortable. She jumped right in and got very involved. I don’t know a lot about the Orff approach, but I know that it is wonderful. They make it seem like it’s just fun and games but it’s definitely learning. That’s part of the magic of it. It was interesting to see them start building a little orchestra right away. It’s really amazing how they build up the musical awareness through the Orff technique. I would definitely recommend this camp!”

Carolyn Falk, Manhattan Beach, CA 

“My three kids love music so much, largely due to Music Rhapsody. When they first went to camp, I didn’t know exactly what went on there because I wasn’t there, but they kept coming home with a lot of songs. Pretty soon they were playing instruments that they had picked up in camp. They also learned how to keep a beat — about rhythm. I never knew it before, but rhythm and timing is a really important thing. It helps them in other areas of learning and sports. The teaching technique involved a lot of repetition.” My 7 and 5 year old both went to the camp and I my little one will go too. She really loves her Music Rhapsody classes.”

Erin Sloves, Manhattan Beach, CA


What teachers are saying about Lynn’s “Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move!” book and CD

“I teach music to 450 K-2 students in a public school system. I use many Orff techniques in my classroom. Lynn’s “Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move!” is now one of my favorite resources. What a terrific way to expose children to classical music! Thank you!”

Carol Gibson, St. Peters, MO

“I have Kids Make Music Babies Make Music Too and it is my #1 favorite resource for infant/preschool classes. Thank you, Lynn, for creating such a well designed, highly effective tool for this age group.”

Abbie Ehorn, Evergreen School

“I finished my “Farm Songs” camp yesterday and wanted to say thank you! I love the curriculum. I used some songs and activities from your other books too. It was so much fun for the kids, their parents and me. Thank you for the great music and ideas. The performances and arrangements of the songs on the CD are well done.”

Marilee Evans, Salt Lake City, UT


What teachers are saying about Lynn’s “Songs of the Sea” book and CD

“I just wanted to tell you what a lifesaver your Songs of the Sea is to me! I am a Musikgarten teacher and I got your Songs of the Sea book on the recommendation of another Musikgarten teacher. I LOVE all your different suggestions for each song! The Wipe Out song is a favorite of my older age groups age as well as Going Over the Sea using your instrument idea. I used the same song for the younger groups using hula hoops. Just had to share with you, and say a big THANK YOU!”

Helen Haynes, Missouri


What principals are saying about Music Rhapsody in their schools

“In my nearly thirty years in education, I must say there is NO program that I have EVER seen that rivals Music Rhapsody! It has served our children well! Parents, stay connected to this program!”

Cyndi Keenan, principal Coast Christian Schools, Redondo Beach, CA

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for the outstanding concerts. I know you all put such a tremendous effort not only in these concerts but also in the ongoing support and instruction for our children. As always, the engagement with the audience was wonderful, the music was original and moving. The concerts were beautiful and the whole experience was fun! The video we took demonstrates what incredible things you are teaching our kids. As a parent, I have gained so much from your program. I love your cd’s and you have inspired my own engagement with music through your incredibly supportive and integrated methodology. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to develop the gift of music in my children. This is a gift that will last a lifetime. We are deeply indebted to you.”

Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown Professor Information Systems and Technology Managemet Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Editor-in-Chief, Technology in Society, an international journal published by Elsevier Ltd. Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business