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Teacher Training Agenda

Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training


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Live Training

This 4-day training event covers different aspects of a child’s early musical development from babies through age 8, including Orff and Recorder. Lynn will impart decades of research findings and how they relate to teaching music, and teachers will participate in activities and watch videos of Lynn and her students performing musical activities.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Days – 4, Teaching for Ages Birth – 8 years

What You’ll Get When You Go to Training:

  • Detailed Training Handbook Over 90 Pages
  • A sampling of detailed lesson plans and classroom visuals for each age group
  • Videos of lessons taught by Lynn Kleiner for each age group
  • Tips for teachers and educational tips for parents
  • Lessons on playing ukulele, soprano and sopranino recorders
  • Techniques on using puppets and props
  • Tips and activities for using the gathering drum
  • Lyric Sheets
  • Notation Pages
  • Sample Lessons-at-a-Glance classroom aid
  • Supporting documents, including:
    • Teaching Early-Childhood & Elementary Music Education
    • Classroom Policies
    • Classroom Set Up
  • One-on-One Coaching

Reserve My Spot Now!

Online Training

Educators in any teaching situation can take full advantage of the Online Music Teacher Training – from the comfort of their own home!

The Music Rhapsody Online Training Program (Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Big Kids, Young Musicians, Rhythm Readers, Melody Makers and Recorder Rookies: Age 0–8) is based around self-instructional materials and provides teachers with all they need to successfully teach early childhood music education.

You’ll access videos of Lynn’s complete Live Training, along with supplemental videos and materials like ukulele tutorials, sopranino recorder lessons, full videos from Lynn’s real-life classes, complete lesson plans and more.

A preliminary online interview will determine readiness for the Online training, and upon the completion of the training, a series of follow-up mentoring sessions are provided.