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Day 4

  • Passing Game with Me & You
  • Cheki Morena – Solos, Movement, Recorder, Cup Passing Game
  • Sleigh Ride, Bell Passing Me & You Holiday Activity
  • Rhythm Sticks Dance - Los Machetes
  • Orff Schulwerk, a part for everyone to be a Successful Music Maker
  • Cup Passing Game
  • Ten Little Froggies Orff & Movement
  • Apple Tree Introduction
  • Apple Tree with Orff Orchestration, Improvisation, Notation
  • Apple Tree in remote learning with PowerPoint
  • Jump Frog Jump Solo Singing
  • Jump Frog Jump Book and PowerPoint
  • One, Two, Tie My Shoe
  • Let Us Chase the Squirrel
  • Parachute Activity, Lt. Kije (Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move!)
  • Introducing Recorder
  • Hunting the White Cow

PowerPoint Samples

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