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Baby music and movement class
Research has shown that babies, from developing fetus to toddler, respond instinctively to music and movement and benefit from it. Babies are born with a musical readiness that includes a basic sense of timing, beat and rhythm, so introducing your little one to a baby music and movement class is a wonderful way to encourage their natural musicality. According to one report, “Babies are born to dance!” It’s true! At Music Rhapsody, we see them “sing before they talk, dance before they walk!” Music class with mom or dad is an important time for interaction and bonding between parent and child. It develops the baby emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically. When parents support music making together, it helps with the bonding all babies want with their parents. Research shows the first years in life are the most significant. Taking a baby music and movement class will help your little one concentrate and learn more quickly. Infants and toddlers naturally respond to music!You can see the benefits for your baby as they grow! Children who have attended our early childhood music classes demonstrate advanced verbal skills, increased vocabulary and better timing and coordination than those children without music. Research has also shown that early childhood music education facilitates the growth of neural connections, enhancing higher brain functions that enable a child to reason in many subjects other than music.

Building a lifelong love of music with a Baby Music and Movement Class

“Parents can make a significant impact upon the permanent musical impressions and development of their children. They need only express pleasure and communication when music is being performed; they need only to join the dance, sing the song, and play along. When the real joy and pleasure is shared with Mom and Dad, that musical experience becomes extremely memorable and associative.” — Cecelia Riddell, PhD Emeritus, California State University, DH

Helping to raise a well rounded child

Music and Movement is a critical part of a complete early childhood education. In fact, learning things like counting, colors, concepts such as high and low, long and short, loud and soft, in and out, and about the world around us is just more fun and more successful through music and movement.

Now, that’s precisely why a baby music and movement class is a wonderful activity for your family. Our music classes for kids offer something fun and challenging for each stage of development. The music grows with your child, and we’ll show you how you are musical too!