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Music Rhapsody for Dance and Music Studios

The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally renowned music educator Lynn Kleiner, is now available to easily implement into YOUR studio program! Live or Online teacher training, fully developed curriculum/lessons plans, as well as package options to suit your studio’s needs facilitate this addition to your existing class catalog. Music Rhapsody classes incorporate beautiful songs, silly songs, use of instruments, puppets and visuals, that foster the love of music in an exciting and creative environment. It is a program that, to its core, acknowledges and values the input and creativity of each and every child.

*Cost of online or live training will be deducted from the cost of a complete package if you decide to purchase one of these options following the training.

Who Can Use the Music Rhapsody Program?

The Music Rhapsody early childhood program is used in schools and studios all over the world. The classes are divided into five developmentally appropriate groups: Babies (birth to walking), Toddlers (walking 1’s & 2’s), Kids (2’s & 3’s), Big Kids with Orff (3’s & 4’s), and Young Musicians with Orff (5’s & 6’s), and studios must have their teachers trained for all offered age levels. Studios who offer Music Rhapsody classes are expected to follow the rigorously developed curriculum, which includes use of the exciting Lynn Kleiner Gathering Drum, therefore appropriate space must be available for the class to take place. With trained teachers and proper teaching space, any and all studios can be home to this highly successful and thoughtful music education program for young Music Makers and their families!

Who Can Use the Music Rhapsody Program?

1. Choose Your Age Group Package

Teacher training, resources, puppets, props, and musical materials are all specifically targeted to be developmentally appropriate and fun for the age group you want to teach!

2. Your Teacher Takes Our Training

Live, with the Founder Lynn Kleiner herself, or online anytime from the comfort of your own home, your designated teacher will partake in our teacher training program. They will receive hands-on tools for teaching children’s music and movement from an Orff Schulwerk philosophy. Lynn will guide you through the “how” and “why” of Orff instruments, solo singing for pitch matching, coordination and timing games, rhymes and stories. You will see why movement is so important for learning and how ear training skills are easily developed in the early childhood years with Lynn’s game-like approach. For the child, these classes are just pure fun, but early musical training brings joy and success to any future musical pursuit. Cost of training one teacher is included in the product package.

3. Access Your Materials and Begin!

You will receive a package with your instruments, puppets, props, and other teaching materials soon after purchase, depending on location. All other materials are available online immediately! Online access to the Teacher Area and is available to Music Rhapsody teachers, and includes access to the lesson plans, teacher resources, audio recordings for every song and videos of every activity.

What Music/Dance Studio Owners are Saying

“I am overwhelmed with this incredible program of excellence that Lynn is offering. I would highly recommend this to all Dance and Music Studios. Do everything you can to get a teacher to one of Lynn’s summer trainings. Or at least do online distance based training. The program is so well laid out, with detailed lesson plans and fantastic video of every single activity, including all recordings, 40 weeks for all 5 age levels. Year after year, our families have loved the classes and I have loved teaching the program.”

– Diane Gwynn McWhorter Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance, Florida

What Music/Dance Studio Owners are Saying

“Lynn Kleiner is an amazing teacher and this program is rich with easy to learn songs, movement-repetition with variety!! Can’t wait to get it started in my studio!!!”

– Kristen Fairfield, California

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