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Summer Young Musicians Make Music – Ages 4 & 5

Summer Young Musicians Make Music – Ages 4 & 5


Summer Classes Start June 28!

Monthly Membership (4-week): $94

Summer Membership (8-week): $175

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Summer Young Musicians Make Music – Ages 4-6 

Classroom space limited, enroll today! Zoom option is always available, let us know and we’ll send you the link! 

Class length: 45 minutes
While you are taking advantage of that much needed 45 minute you time, your child will be loving this action-packed, social and creative music class. The summer Young Musicians class continues teaching the elements of music through singing, playing, exploring, and moving. The students make the arrangements (introduction to composition [writing music]) and accompany themselves as they sing.

Using Orff instruments introduces numerous parts for students to play in ensemble, bringing a more developed sense of timing, listening skills, and concentration. More benefits: Builds on the child’s musical literacy foundation and continues to improve physical and literacy skills. These classes will lead into the extremely successful, non-traditional Simply Music Piano Program!

Please bring the Yellow Instrument Kit to class each week. At home participation with your kit is the key to the full benefits of the program.

Instrument Kit: $54 including tax

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